Tuesday - November 19, 2013

It is late at night, I read an email from my friend, Sylvie:

"Good morning Yen!

How are you?
Could Hai get my audio cassette out of Olivier's sound system??
I wish he could and that I will still be able to listen to it, because Régis died on Sunday 10th in his house.
We found him the following Thursday at 6pm because he would not answer his phone calls and we were worried.

So could you give me information on that cassette please?
I will probably pass by on Saturday in the morning, because I will drive one of his good friend organist back to Ottawa after the funeral. It will take place in our Nativity church on Friday 22 at 2pm.

So I do hope to have news from you Yen and that cassette : it is organ's musique by Régis.

Hugs and Hello to Hai and Son,