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Be careful with your own image
the things which you pick
as defined characteristics
be careful with your own pride
the things which you base
as stored the very first desire
I make a mistake
by taking pride over illusion
which is the flavor of the month
I taste this defeat
learning what called universal foundation
principles which govern
the result of every single action
For the long run of victory
I, man, must suffer
in heart building the real direction
there will be more to grieve
more to challenge my motivation
more false directions
more depression
more events which life will give
to reveal the real me
who am I?
I am looking for one answer
will it be found in my systematic reasoning
or is it in my conception of the creation
is it in dreaming
or is it in the process of moving
be careful with your thoughts
the things which you feed
as created reality
be careful with your love
do not give it to the one
you don't trust
there are more to be careful

as showing emotions
which meaned showing weaknesses
is it the true reason
why there are people
who don't talk much
what is maturity
but destiny
what is sex
digital or analog
what is choice
what is freedom
lost and found
what is what
who are you
but a picture you drew
and wanted people to believe
who am I?
illusion of your own thoughts
who is she?
in a mercedes
who is he?
a combination of you, her, me
today I came back to my night life
with girls, smoke and wines
wild, wild, wild
with people dacing all nights
wild, wild, wild
today I came back and gave a speech
once again applauses as expected
I took the job that easy
once again raising as naturally
too complete different worlds
two differences me, sides to see
top corporate ladder and
bottom of the world
yes, I am the leader
it won't take long time
for people to remember
yes, with power came responsibility
again, this is not the time to show
my true ability
another corporation
will be soon part of this century
marked by me, the architect of wonders
I'm gonna make you out from nothing
you all need me
from the begining
when I walked in
you all know that
it is very charismatic
the art of speech
it is very informative
the art of delivery
yes, you're all glad that i'm back
to lead the team
to build the team
to give vision
to create conception
to form a system
bring connection
source of inspiration
raised again with much more power
infinite ability

The World is yours! cheers.gif
QUOTE(NguoiVN @ Jan 14 2006, 04:30 PM)
The World is yours!  cheers.gif

Cái này cũng là thơ hay sao dzậy confused1.gif
hạt mít
QUOTE(Beretta @ Jan 14 2006, 05:10 PM)
QUOTE(NguoiVN @ Jan 14 2006, 04:30 PM)
The World is yours!   cheers.gif

Cái này cũng là thơ hay sao dzậy confused1.gif

không fải là thơ thì cũng là thờ,thợ,thở,thớ,thỡ... thỡ thì không có nghĩa nhỉ laugh1.gif
em đề nghị các bác nói bá láp làm ơn xin khỏi viết, mất công ngắt mạch cảm xúc của thi sĩ. leuleu.gif
Thủy thủ mặt trăng
Đúng rùi, em ủng hộ anh Người việt tiếp tục làm thơ v.gif
lúc trước anh cũng có cô bạn giống cô tàu chơi pool này như 2 giọt nước tên là Christina sad1.gif
Thủy thủ mặt trăng
QUOTE(NguoiVN @ Jan 15 2006, 02:13 PM)
lúc trước anh cũng có cô bạn giống cô tàu chơi pool này như 2 giọt nước tên là Christina  sad1.gif

Thía anh thử làm một bài thơ tặng cô ấy cho mọi người nghe xem nào rolleyes2.gif
Mr. Smith
QUOTE(Thủy thủ mặt trăng @ Jan 15 2006, 07:59 AM)
QUOTE(NguoiVN @ Jan 15 2006, 02:13 PM)
lúc trước anh cũng có cô bạn giống cô tàu chơi pool này như 2 giọt nước tên là Christina  sad1.gif

Thía anh thử làm một bài thơ tặng cô ấy cho mọi người nghe xem nào rolleyes2.gif

Ơ, tớ lại thích chú NguoiVN post ảnh cô ấy lên hơn. ohgirl.gif
I'm too old to live like the innocent
running wild and carefree
I'm too young to have credibility
accumulating enough wealth, fame to be self-pleased
too old to fooling around, too dirty planning all kind of tricks
too young to be serious, too clean to put my hands in blood
I know I'm in a period of time
when I can't have things that i want the most
I know what I need, but I'm not quite sure how get it
if all people need is time
the question is how to accelerate it
if all answers lead to money
is money what I need
if what you want to know
laying all in the action ask
then what should I ask
for all i know, leading to the unknown
in the middle of the cold winter night
his soul quivers facing wind's bites
he keeps walking despite silence
face downs, hands tighten
where is he walking?
what is he searching?
defined the missing
whole lonesomeness
but still challenging his own limit
what he found is just emptiness

Somewhere in nowhere
the birds raise up their lovely song
somewhere in there
the couple laying down feeling the heat of one another
somewhere, where there is an unending meadow
where there are just kissing, loving and no sorrow

It's late at night, she can not sleep
so many thoughts, right now she keeps
the dreadful silence makes her shiver
Darkness also sends a tremor
she keeps thinking, she is dreaming
defined the missing
Fear plays with her heart
Weakness is haunting her right from the start
She is tired of being in this situation
she is tired of hiding from her own emotion
whole lonesomeness
but still challenging her own limit
what she found is just emptiness

What do they seek? When will this end?
Where is love when they need it most?
gambling with their own feelings
No one knows they stay up crying
No one knows their souls are dying
Right from the start...
Once again, defined the missing
they passed each other
pretending there is nothing to cover
but deep down inside, the souls are searching for one another
to satisfy the flesh hunger
some kind of connection, the feeling of injection
don't feel afraid, close the eyes
it's just a penetration
release them, and taste the bites

one day, he meets the girl of his life
it's the day, when the chemistry seems to work so right
the law of attraction, prewritten within human realization
physics or magics, friction or addiction
sperms, eggs, evolution, yes revolution

she has such a very distinguish look
her hair is dark, long and curvy
it's pretty sexy
the body, the curves
and the movement of stimulation
teeth, lips, hips, lovely chin, gorgeous look
since she smiles, God makes the earth
to stop its rotation
In darkness and silence of the night
A sparkle, golden light of desire
sent through the hearts of the blamings
Washed away all past mistakes and sufferings
Lightening joy, and happiness
burying all pities and angers
An unfamiliar power rumbling
it rediscovered a special gift from within
Adding new meaning to existences
Regreting is no longer a constant companion
Forgiving, cause no one could turn back the calendar
yes, source which created triumph
I give you the greatest asset to guide your future
to rebuild, to create wonders
to unite our people for a better future
blessed your life with an attitude
to find things in which you have great passions
something to be enthusiastic about
used enthusiam to overcome prejustice
left oppositions behind, cause there is no darkness ahead
together, we must escape this trap of history
picked ourselves up and go on with our futures
what's intelligence?
how does the brain work?
what can you tell the difference?
between cats and dogs
I, I... five thousand times
defined rational understanding
pursue in dreaming
ritual difficulty
piece of idea, repackaged
starting to see, behaviors
the inside what you think
how to approaching
to distinguish
what does it mean?
the secret
what the future will be like
created ways to see
models of total implications
searching to end up
it isn't magic
complexity, reflecting
sitting in the car, she is watching the rain fallin
opened the door, she felt it cleaning her skin
the image of the world is blurring
but she does n't feel anythin
she found herself the only one left in the scene
out there the rainbow hanging from her finger tips
and sunshine made her cheek pink
she steps out of the car and start dancing
felt the hip swaying to the rhythm of the fallin rain
and the grass swingin underneath her feet
oh she is dancing, reaching out to nature of meaning
baby why dont u dance with her, laugh with her
hold her, give her your hands and release your inner feeling
baby why don't you sing
love her, give her everything
baby what are you waiting for?
there isn't the right moment
and silence won't give you anything
baby why are you so shy?
denying won't bring the result you dreaming
trust your instinct and you'll get
what you've been searchin
on one of my grey days,
I went visit a garden of hope
to have its spirit, to lift my chin
as dust in winds, as salt in sea
as one small seed, shall become tree
so deep sweet dream, I weep and grieve
so strong with hope, rooted in me
as I experienced cuts and salty tears
salty tears, I learned from them with smart
those acid taste
And I sat down on the grass
to have its nature, giving me the desire to grow
as words came out from mouth
as vows' success, still fresh from lips
I turned to the garden of dream
to have a glimpse of my future
hidden behind the curtain of mystery
I saw my name and filled with joy
there, letters carved upon stones
when jealousy and deceiving are all over places
when mistakes discourage and false comforts drive me
when my self-motivations are weak, I sell my days for pennies
when the creator of emotion in me feels the hunger
I went visit the garden of hope and dream
to have its love, to comfort my scream
to have its blessing, to keep on dreaming
As the journey is still far and long
so steeled the heart, to broke this storm
And I stood in my garden
with faith in works that i perform
life is just a simple game I play with my mind
so never to give up, things will turn out alright
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